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PMP Certification Salary: What to Expect

Those earning a PMP certification salary tend to make far more money than professionals without official certification. By investing time and money now, you can improve your future earning potential dramatically. Do not write off the benefits of earning your certificate. Consider all the things you can do with a PMP certification salary. Why is […]

The Benefits of a PMP Certification Course

There are many good reasons to enroll in a PMP certification course. Even though this training generally costs money, it is well worth the price. In some cases, your employer may be willing to cover some or all of the PMP certification course costs. Before enrolling, make sure you speak to your employer to find […]

Project Management Professional PMP Status And How It Can Benefit Your Future

Earning Project Management Professional PMP status can do quite a bit for your future. It is important to look beyond the initial investment to decide if this certification is truly for you. Thousands of professionals have already undergone testing and earned their certificate for many good reasons. The job market is very competitive today in […]

Obtaining PMP Certification Online: 5 Steps

Obtaining PMP certification online is possible, although the final exam may not be accessible online. There are a number of things that can be done through the internet to reduce the amount of time needed to prepare and register. Preparing for PMP certification online is a great way to improve your chances of successful completion […]

Should You Enroll in Online Project Management Training?

Many professionals are choosing online project management training to prepare for their PMP certification exam. This is a great option that has many benefits. However, the trade off is that it requires specific skills and abilities. Online learning is not ideal for everyone. Some students love it while others flounder as they struggle with the […]

Tips on Preparing for the PMP Certification Exam

Taking the PMP certification exam is a big deal, and requires a lot of prep work. Not only must you work through the application process but also know what is on the test and whether you have the knowledge required to pass. The more you prepare, the better off you will be. Students who study […]

How Project Management Training Courses Can Help You

Many Project Management training courses are available to help professionals prepare for their exam. For someone who has been handling project management for years, the concept of taking a course seems a little unnecessary. After all, the PMP certificate is intended to prove that an individual knows how to manage projects. If you already know […]

Project Manager Certification Versus On the Job Experience

If you have the experience, the next step may be Project Manager certification. There is some debate as to whether it is necessary for a skilled professional to obtain their certificate. Someone with years of project management experience may feel that this is enough to get them the positions they desire and the salary they […]

Is PMP Certification Cost Really Worth It?

PMP certification cost can be a bit intimidating for some people. Hundreds of dollars must be spent just to take an exam and earn a certificate. What must be considered is the return on this professional investment. After paying the PMP certification cost in money, time and effort, what will you get out of the […]

What A Project Management Certificate Says About You

If you haven’t heard a project management certificate, then you could be missing out on a golden opportunity to improve your professional standing. The project management certificate carries a lot of weight with most employers. This training is very versatile as well and can be applied to almost any industry. Some educational organizations offer industry […]