February 17, 2020

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Is PMP Certification Training Required?

PMP certification training can provide you with the paper qualities that you can use to help you get a better job in project management. Project management is one of those industries in the business world that is increasing in popularity. Companies are looking for qualified individuals who are able to take a project and make […]

How To Do PMP Certification Preparation

If you’re looking to expand your career opportunities, then it might be worth it for you to go through with PMP certification. PMP certification is a credential often offered by the Activity Administration Academy. It gives you a chance to advance your ability and skills in activity management. Getting PMP certification requires work. In order […]

Advantages Of Online PMP Certification

To climb up the corporate ladder, not only do you need work experience but having a PMP certification can add value to your qualifications. A PMP certification demonstrates your ability to manage projects and reflects on your caliber as a leader. Due to the inherent merits and requirements for PMP certification, there are many institutions […]

Reasons for Non-Profit Agencies to Hire a Professional with PMP Certification

Reasons for Non-Profit Agencies to Hire a Professional with PMP Certification Most employers prefer hiring individuals with Project Management Professional, i.e. PMP certification, in order to ensure the efficient completion of a scheduled job. While such an employer generally focuses on a business’ bottom line, that is not the sole reason for hiring such a […]