April 4, 2020

Advantages Of Online PMP Certification

To climb up the corporate ladder, not only do you need work experience but having a PMP certification can add value to your qualifications. A PMP certification demonstrates your ability to manage projects and reflects on your caliber as a leader. Due to the inherent merits and requirements for PMP certification, there are many institutions that have developed an online PMP certification module to help working professionals and executives certify for it. Though the PMP certification does not lessen the qualifications you currently posses, it is essential if you are looking to better your career growth and take on a managerial post in the near future. In the project management industry, PMP certification holds promise of a better future.

The added advantage of having a PMP certification after studying with an online PMP certification program is that you can go through mock tests; get all of the training material online. This holds true for all those who are at a full-time job and cannot attend training programs in person.

Many online PMP certification institutes have their own websites that provide all of the required training programs and online courseware and due to the ease of availability, there are many people that enroll for these courses. Adding competition and ease of availability, many online PMP certification programs offer pay after you pass schemes or money back guarantee when you get certified.  Usually companies and businesses prefer employees that require minimum supervision, are qualified and can assist in better productivity.

PMP certification requirements

There is a stringent eligibility criterion for applying for the PMP certification examination. Though not everyone working in large corporate can apply, as it is not just another exam but there are a set of requirements which need to be fulfilled, before you are eligible. According to the PMP guidebook, it is essential that you need to have the experience in project management within 8 years from the time you have applied for the examination. These requirements include project management qualification and experience along with a solid academic background.

  • Minimum of 5 years project management experience in addition to an associate degree or high school degree and 7,500 hours of experience working on management projects
  • With a graduate degree of 4 years, you need at least 4,500 hours and at least 3 years of work experience in a management project.
  • At least 35 contract hours of education from an accredited university or college in management
  • At least verified 5 projects where you have directly monitored and completed the projects.

These are the basic qualifications that are needed to apply for the PMP certification. All of the completed forms and verification of the candidate as per the academic qualification are done through the PMP website. You may look up additional information about PMP certification programs and be a notch above your competitors with this certification.