April 4, 2020

Are There Specific PMP Certification Requirements?

In the present day world, Project Management Professional certification is perhaps the most significant industry recognized certification program for project managers. This program is globally in demand and has been recognized all over the world by employers. This certification is considered as a proof to show that you have the experience, competency and qualification to initiate, lead and direct different projects. Experienced project managers, looking forward to solidify their candidature in their organizations and also for new job profiles, can go for this certification course which can really boost your candidature for growth. And there are some PMP certification requirements.

To get the PMP certification for boosting up your career growth by leaps and bounds, you need to first show that you are eligible for this certification. The organizing body has defined a few qualifying norms which need to be fulfilled before you decide to give PMP certification a shot.

In order to qualify and send in your application for the PMP certification course, the applicants need to have a four year university degree and nearly five years experience in project management. This project management experience includes over 4,000 hours of leading and directing different projects and thirty five hours of education in project management.

PMP certification experts assist every PMP aspirant to determine whether they actually meet the PMP certification eligibility needs and to judge whether this certification would be actually useful for them.

There are a few military educational advanced placement exemptions which have been approved by the board. These are known as the military requirements for the Military Project Management certification which are based on two things including rank and position. According to this system, warrant officers should be at least two years in the leadership position to qualify for this certification. Officers falling in the category of O-2 and above can also qualify with a minimum two years’ experience in a leadership role. High ranking department of defense civilians who have already completed the project management certification are given a certification department of defense in project management.

If an officer of the armed forces of any recognized country under the United Nations wants to apply for a project management certification, he needs to have an experience of at least more than 3 years in project management. It is also mandated that these overseas candidates should support their candidature along with good faith documentation along with their regular application for project management certification.

The PMP certification exam is available as a computer based test through a number of testing centers. A paper based option is available for test locations where prometric test center facility is not available. Aspirants who appear for the computer based tests immediately get their result while the candidates appearing through the paper based option have to wait for around 4 weeks to get their results. Several books, e-learning modules, and classroom experiences are available for aspirants who are preparing for this certification.