April 4, 2020

Can Becoming a Project Management Professional Improve Your Career?

Serious career minded individuals should consider becoming a Project Management Professional. Obtaining official certification that can be included on your resume is not always easy. Interested individuals must meet the Project Management Institute’s requirements to even be permitted to try taking the exam. Project management certification requirements include thousands of hours of actual hands on experience with project management.

Before you begin this long journey, it is important to understand how becoming a Project Management Professional can help your career. Many individuals obtain certification as a way to beef up their resumes and make themselves more appealing job candidates. How will employers view you after you become a Project Management Professional?

Verify Your Skills on Your Resume

It is one thing to say you have specific skills, but quite another to prove it beyond a doubt. Employers often must make a decision about the honesty of a candidate based on their resume, references and what they learn about character through interviews. This takes a while and even then, there may be doubts about a candidate’s abilities. When you can list the title of Project Management Professional with PMP certification on your resume, the employer only really has to look at that one element to know that you are being sincere.

Prove Commitment to the Job

Those who are committed to their profession are willing to put in the time and effort necessary to improve their skills and obtain titles and certifications. When you become a Project Management Professional, you will show employers that you are truly committed to what you do. That level of commitment means a lot in the workplace. It shows you have a sound work ethic and can get things done.

Give Them a Reason to Pick Your Resume First

Timing is very important when applying for a job. Many industries have many candidates hungry for employment. That means a lot of competition for you, whether you need a job or are looking for something better. Becoming a Project Management Professional will give employers a reason to place your resume at the top of the pile. Being first reviewed and considered can dramatically increase your chances of moving on to the next hiring stage and possibly becoming the chosen candidate. The title of Project Management Professional will help your resume catch the eye of interested employers.