April 4, 2020

Earning Your PMP Project Management Certification

PMP stands for Project Management Professional, a highly respected career position involving certification through PMI or Project Management Institute.  The designation of this professional position ensures that only standardized methods and techniques will be used with worldwide projects.  The individual who has earned their PMP Project Management Certification plays a key role in the choosing, developing, executing, and finishing business projects in a wide range of industries.

How to earn PMP Project Management Certification

Earning your PMP Project Management Certification is the best way for getting involved in projects and running them as quickly as possible.  Here is what is involved in the certification process:

Find a certified training program – there are numerous outfits that currently offer PMP training.  Unfortunately, not all of them are certified.  The more reputable businesses will only recognize accredited Project Management Institute education providers that are registered.  So be sure to check that the program you are considering is accredited.

Inquire about costs and fees – you should check on prerequisites, textbook costs, and tuition fees as well as any other requirements.  Also, make sure the PMP Project Management Certification program you select is convenient and facilitates your needs.

Check to see if your company has a reimbursement program – many companies will reimburse a person’s tuition when they are educating themselves and attempting to be better at their jobs.  You may also want to search out funding sources and scholarship programs available through the PMP Project Management Certification program.

Sign up for the program you have chosen – pay all your fees, purchase your textbooks, and document all of your receipts for your company (if they are reimbursing you) and your own records.

Complete the required coursework – finish the PMP Project Management Certification course you enroll in and be sure that you have met all of the requirements.  Start studying and preparing for the PMP Project Management Certification exam.

Find a site where you can take the exam – unless the testing is offered online, call the test site so you can find out about registering and paying any fees required for taking the PMP Certification exam.

Once you pass the exam and earn your PMP Project Management Certification you will be ready to enter your new career.  Remember to be very careful when you choose a certification program and make sure they are accredited and reputable.

Some final considerations

If you have project participation experience on the job this is oftentimes counted towards training experience credits for most PMP Project Management Certification programs.  As a certified PMP, you will be able to deal with issues such as performance analysis, project performance analysis, resource management, and risk management.

Additionally, the Project Management Professional can complete and finish projects that are cost-effective in the specified time frame.  They are also skilled at resourceful problem solving, understanding cost-volume and statistical analysis, and strategic planning abilities.  Finally, having team development skills is something that comes with on-the-job experience prior to receiving your PMP Project Management Certification.