April 4, 2020

Facts About Acquiring PMP Online Certification

Project Management Professionals (PMP’s) is a highly-regarded individual who has been certified as such and is crucial in the choice of projects in different industries to focus on as well as developing, executing, and finishing them.  Certification can only be given by the PMI (Project Management Institute) and ensures that all individuals with this certification will use PMP standardized methodologies. No matter where in the world they are located and employed, these methodologies must be followed.

How does a Person Receive a PMP Online Certification?

In the business world today, employers and employees alike are always looking for a way to achieve a competitive edge.  One way to achieve this is by getting a PMP online certification.  There are five steps in this process as follows:

Satisfy the eligibility requirements mandated by the PMI – This will require having at least a high school diploma or the equivalent, 5 years of experience in project management wherein you have directed or lead projects for a total of 7,500 hours.  If you have earned a college degree, the requirements are three years experience and 4,500 hours directing or leading projects.

Take a Project Management course that is PMI-approved – Whether you are a high school or college graduate, you must have completed 35 hours of education in Project Management that has been approved by PMI.  The institute will provide you with a list of these PMP online certification educational providers.

Go to the PMI website and submit your application – Make sure that you list the following in your documentation:

  • any leadership positions you were in during a project(s)
  • the time spent working on the project(s)
  • the type of project(s) you worked on
  • verification of taking PMP courses
  • the fee required

Since 2010, the fee for PMI members is $405 and $555 if you are not a member.  The exam cannot be taken until payment processing has been completed.

Visit the Prometric website and schedule the PMP Online Certification exam – Be sure to list your country of residence before selecting “Schedule Your Test.”  Also, make sure that you read their Data Privacy Notice and agree to it.  You will need to enter the Eligibility ID number and the first 4 letters of your surname (last name).  Finally, find a test location in your vicinity and select it.

Take the PMP online certification exam and pass it – The exam is computer-based and is comprised of 200 questions, all of which are multiple choice in nature.  A variety of subject matter is covered including planning the project(s), executing and monitoring them, and the completion of them.  Exams are conducted at Prometric exam centers (hopefully there is one near where you live).  You can find a listing of these test centers at their website in case you don’t already have that lined out.

Once you have passed the exam, you will receive your PMP online certification.  This certification is valid for 3 years and can be renewed if you meet the necessary requirements and complete a continuing certification program.