April 4, 2020

How To Do PMP Certification Preparation

If you’re looking to expand your career opportunities, then it might be worth it for you to go through with PMP certification. PMP certification is a credential often offered by the Activity Administration Academy. It gives you a chance to advance your ability and skills in activity management. Getting PMP certification requires work. In order to do the best you can on your exams, make sure you take all the proper steps with PMP certification preparation.

Expert recommendations

Experts who have gone through PMP certification preparation say that it’s important to be realistic. It’s impossible to know everything. One tip an expert provided is that as part of PMP certification preparation, don’t think that if you only study the Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge study book, you’ll be fine and pass the exam with flying colors.

It’s important to study the book, but it’s not the only source of knowledge you need to know in your steps to PMP certification preparation. Combine this book knowledge with real-life experience and you’ll have a better chance of passing the exam with a good grade.

If you’re a seasoned project manager, don’t think that only your personal experience is good enough for PMP certification preparation. It’s true that as a seasoned project manager you likely know your industry very well. But in order to sit for the certification exam, you’re required to have 35 contact hours of project management training. It doesn’t need to be PMBOK-based, but many experts in the field suggest that when going through the PMP certification process, knowing the PMBOK manual is the best use of your time. It’ll provide you with the foundation of PMI terminology and the framework as well. Knowing the terminology will reduce the chance of you being confused by the phrasing of a question. When you understand an exam question, the likelihood that you get the correct answer will increase.

Study and apply management experience

It’s possible that when going through the PMP certification preparation process that it’ll be the first time you’ve been in school for a long time. Keep in mind and follow standard studying processes. You’re working. Perhaps you have family commitments. There isn’t a whole lot of extra time to study, so you need to make sure you take advantage of every opportunity. Carry your study materials with you everywhere you go. You might be surprised to discover the extra minutes you have to study. Perhaps you’re stuck in traffic waiting for a train. Those five or ten minutes can be used to study.

Studying in groups can help increase your knowledge. Groups of people can push each other to learn more and faster. As part of PMP certification preparation, consider joining a PMP exam prep study group. A group can help you focus on trouble spots. You can help yourself focus on trouble spots by completing practice exams. Spend time on them. If you know the content on the practice exams, then it’s likely that you’ll know the content on the actual exam too.