April 4, 2020

Is PMP Certification Cost Really Worth It?

PMP certification cost can be a bit intimidating for some people. Hundreds of dollars must be spent just to take an exam and earn a certificate. What must be considered is the return on this professional investment. After paying the PMP certification cost in money, time and effort, what will you get out of the deal? There are many enormous benefits to being able to put PMP certification on your resume, and those investments can mean far more money than you originally invested in training and the exam.

Spending Time Now to Gain Time Later

While many professionals look at the monetary investment, there is another PMP certification cost that is taken in time. The candidate must have thousands of hour’s worth of experience in project management. Many also choose to enroll in a PMP certification training course to increase their chances of passing the exam. This all requires time that is taken out of your already busy schedule. Those who are working a full time job might find it even more difficult to justify the time investment.

It is important to look at the time side of PMP certification costs as a way to gain time later. The hours you are putting in now to prepare for the exam can be returned later on. Your PMP certification will help you earn a bigger salary. That means fewer hours required to earn just as much or more money than you earn now. In the long run, that could be more dollars invested in retirement and more free time to spend with the family. Earlier retirement and regaining your evenings and weekends can be a tremendous benefit that well outweighs the immediate time cost.

Improve Your Earning Potential and Obtain Better Jobs

The financial PMP certification cost is another problem for some individuals. Spending hundreds on training and an exam doesn’t seem like a great idea, especially for anyone who is currently coping with issues related to the recent recession. Once again, it is very important that candidates look to the future rather than focus on the present. There are many ways PMP certification can help you improve your career.

Employers really like to see a PMP certificate listed on a candidate’s resume. This will give you a vital edge that not many others have. Your resume will be far more likely to wind up on the short list. Your certification will also give you more ground to stand on when requesting a raise or looking for a higher paying job. The immediate PMP certification cost may seem high, but it is very little in the long run.