April 4, 2020

More on PMP Certification Process

Project management professional or PMP is often defined as a qualification which is offered by Project Management Institute. This credential is generally considered to be one of the most important certification which has been recognized by the industry as well. The PMP certification process and certification is considered vital for the project managers and is known for offering experience, education and competence for leading and directing project teams. This certification has a global acceptance and offers different project managers the relevant skills needed for proper planning, execution and delivery of various projects. A formal test is organized in order to award this certification to individuals.

The PMP exam is primarily based on the specifications provided by the PMP examination which categories a given task in five different performance domains. These domains include initiating, planning, executing, monitoring and controlling and closing of a particular project. This exam is offered as a computer based test via a global network of Prometric test centres. A paper based option is available for locations where prometric centres are not located. A total number of 200 hundred questions are there in the examination out of which 175 are used to determine the score of the aspirant. The aspirants who appear for the computer-based exam get their scores immediately while the aspirants who take a paper based test often need to wait for about 4 weeks to get their results. In this certification process, PMI also evaluates proficiency levels for each project management group.

There are a number of modes of preparation which are now available for the aspirants who want to take the PMP examination. A large number of books, e-learning courses, and classroom sessions are available for the aspirants. The people looking forward to take this exam may check online for the resource that is available readily in the nearby locations for him.

Another process which is deemed extremely important in PMP certification process is item writing. Item writing is an on-going process at the Project Management Institute and it assists in the addition of new items to the PMI’s exclusive collection of exam items. With the addition of new items, few old items are also removed from this collection at regular intervals of time. The item writers at PMI use the PMP examination specification to find item contents and references to find the correctness of the item and also its relevance in the context of the exam. People or professionals who are actively involved in the process of PMP exam preparation are not allowed to participate in these item writing sessions at the PMI. These professionals may include trainers, course-ware developers and book authors who are working in this field.

The per-requisite to apply for this certification is an associate degree with 7,500 hours of project management experience or bachelor’s degree with 4,500 hours of project management experience. The candidates also need to have a 35 hour contact of project management education. The candidates can apply for the exam and can also verify their education and experience at the PMI website.