April 4, 2020

Obtaining PMP Certification Online: 5 Steps

Obtaining PMP certification online is possible, although the final exam may not be accessible online. There are a number of things that can be done through the internet to reduce the amount of time needed to prepare and register. Preparing for PMP certification online is a great way to improve your chances of successful completion of the exam. This could be one of the most important items you add to your resume, so make sure you do everything you can to get a perfect score. Even those with extensive project management experience can benefit from PMP certification online resources.

Step 1: Determine Eligibility Through the Project Management Institute

Before you begin looking for PMP certification online study resources, make sure you are eligible to take the exam. The Project Management Institute has set very specific guidelines for each certification. These are generally determined by the applicant’s level of schooling, which requires at least a high school diploma or equivalent. In each situation, the applicant must have thousands of hours of project management experience which can be documented on the application for approval. Most certificates also require 35 hours of project management education completed as well. To determine the specific requirements for your certificate, check with the Project Management Institute.

Step 2: Find a Fitting PMP Certification Online Prep Course

There are many PMP certification online courses that can help prepare you for the exam. These are designed to cover material specific to the exam you will be taking. There are basic foundation courses as well for those registering for a general PMP certificate. These courses cost money, which your employer may be willing to pay. Before enrolling, speak to your employer and find out if there are any benefits available to help cover the financial burden of your PMP certification online prep course or exam.

Step 3: Seek Out Additional Resources

There are other PMP certification online resources that can supplement a training course or help eliminate the need for one (provided you already have 35 educational hours logged). Some websites offer free study courses and seminars as well as helpful study guides. Your employer may also have some suggestions to help you get started. Before the exam, make sure you try any sample tests or quizzes that are available.

Step 4: Register for the Exam

Look for a PMP certification online schedule or contact the Project Management Institute to find out when the exam will be available in your area. Registration can be done online as well. This is a requirement before anyone is permitted to take the exam. Depending on scheduling, you may be able to perform this step before completion of the prep course or research.

Step 5: Study and Test!

Even if you completed a PMP certification online course, make sure you continue to study the material up to the date of the test. Show up early and be ready to complete the exam. Eating healthy and getting a good night’s sleep can also help you prepare. The most important thing to remember is that the more prepared you are, the easier the exam will be.