April 4, 2020

PMI PMP Certification

PMI PMP certification can make a huge difference in your desirability as a potential employee. This is not an easy achievement to earn. It requires a great deal of experience, time and dedication. Those who have PMI PMP certification tend to be a first choice when applying for a new position or job. The first step is to learn what PMI PMP certification is and why it is so important to professionals and employers all over the world.

What is the Project Management Institute (PMI)?

The Project Management Institute, or PMI, offers PMP certifications. The institute is a non profit organizations that was developed to research and educate professionals as well as set industry standards for project management. Through PMI, professionals can find resources, networking opportunities, and gain knowledge through seminars and online resources. The organization emerged in 1984, offering the first Project Management Professional certification. Since then, about 370,000 professionals have taken the exam and earned their PMP certificate. The certification programs offered by PMI are recognized in many countries throughout the world. Today, it is considered the authority on project management and viewed highly by employers all over the globe.

What is PMI PMP Certification?

PMI PMP certification is a highly regarded certificate awarded to those who prove they are experts in project management. Offered by the Project Management Institute, the exam is in depth and covers  all the skills necessary to organize, budget, schedule, and manage projects. Professionals that wish to take the PMI PMP certification exam must first prove they have a great deal of experience managing projects.

To be eligible to take the PMI PMP certification exam, individuals must prove that they have a high school diploma or equivalent plus five years and 7,500 hours of project management experience. Those with a four year bachelor’s degree must have at least three years and 4,500 hours of experience to be accepted.  Interested professionals must also have 35 hours of project management education.