April 4, 2020

PMP Certification Process

Project management professional certification has been one of the most sought after and important certification which has been recognized by industries all over the world. An extremely beneficial certification that is needed by project managers, PMP is a way through which these project managers have the relevant experience, competence and training to lead the projects from the scratch and deliver excellent results. The project managers undergoing PMP certification are known to have expertise and required skill in directing and leading the teams handling the projects. This certification enables different project managers to stand out in front of the prospective employers and increase their earning potential manifolds.

Project management professional certification establishes the life cycle of a project and the process groups of different projects. The life cycle of the project which needs an expertise on the part of a project manager includes the following:

  • Initiation of a project
  • Planning of the project
  • Execution
  • Controlling and monitoring of the project and
  • Closing or completion of a project

For being eligible for the PMP certification process, the aspirants need to possess a certain qualifying degree. The aspirants for the PMP certification need to have either a 4-year academic degree with a minimum of about three years PM experience. To fulfill this criterion, the aspirants also need to have a 4,500 hours experience of directing and leading different projects with 35 hours education in project management.

Alternately, the aspirants need to have a secondary diploma and a five years’ experience in project management. They also need to have 7,500 hours directing and leading experience for different projects. The aspirants also need to undergo 35 hours of PM learning.

The PMP examination is available as a computer based test at most places with the help of a wide network of prometric testing centers located at different places. The locations where the prometric centers are not available offer a paper-based test option for the candidates. The examination comprises of 200 questions out of which 25 are pre-release articles and the score of these questions is not included in the scoring of the exam. The aspirants undergoing computer based tests can immediately get to see their results while the aspirants who appear through paper based tests need to wait for about 4 weeks’ time. Through different sources, the aspirants are generally able to gather preparation assistance material to do well in this examination. A number of e-books, books, e-learning courses and classroom training sessions help the aspirants quite effectively in dealing with the questions they come across in the examination.

An important aspect associated with the project management professional certification is the item writing. This is a continually running process at the Project Management Institute. These items which are also known as questions in layman language are added to the pool of questions along with the existing questions which have been added to the pool over time. The old questions existing in the pool are also removed from time to time. The people who write these items use the specifications that identify references related to the context of the exam.