April 4, 2020

PMP Certification Requirements

PMP certification requirements can be very stringent. PMP (Project Management Professional) certification is a highly regarded credit that can help individuals become more desirable employees. Through PMP certification, professionals can prove their experience and show that they can meet or go beyond expected industry standards for project management. Managing a project may sound easy, but in a faced paced professional environment, it is extremely challenging. Project managers must create a realistic schedule that meets all necessary deadlines and find ways to work within the project’s budget. They must also monitor performance and quality factors to ensure an ideal outcome.

I Can Manage a Project, Why Can’t I Take the Exam?

Since the late 1990s, PMP certification has been helping professionals improve their resumes. The reason this single certification is so important is because it is the highest, most official measurement of project management skills. The Project Management Institute (PMI) keeps to very high standards so that those testing are fully prepared and have proven they have the potential to pass. Rather than taking every interested candidate’s word for it, PMI requires each applicant to prove their project management experience meets the PMP certification requirements.

Testing with a High School Diploma or Associates Degree

Individuals with a high school diploma or associates degree are eligible to take the PMP certification exam. Individuals in this category must have 60 months (a total of 7,500 hours) of project management experience as well as 35 contact hours to be considered.  The quantity is higher when the candidate has less formal schooling to back up their experience and skills.

Testing with a Bachelor’s Degree

PMP certification requirements for individuals with a bachelor’s degree are a little lower. The candidate must have 36 months (a total of 4,500 hours) of project management experience. Just like those with a diploma or associates degree, bachelor’s degree candidates must also have 35 contact hours logged.

How Do I Apply for PMP Certification?

Individuals who meet the above PMP certification requirements can begin the application process. This is done online through PMI’s website. The application requires a detailed list of the candidate’s experience so that PMP certification requirements can be verified.