April 4, 2020

PMP Certification

Can PMP certification boost your salary and make you a more appealing job candidate? The first step to finding out is learning what PMP certification is. PMP stands for Project Management Professional.  Obtaining certification means that you have taken the necessary steps to prove that you are an expert at managing projects. PMP certification focuses on all the vital components of a professional project, including budgeting, managing scope, design, scheduling and quality control. Many of these qualities are developed over time. You may already possess all or many of them. If you do, then obtaining PMP certification should be your next goal.

Why Is PMP Certification So Important?

There was a time when PMP certification did not exist. Professionals still had to manage projects and work with the skills covered by PMP certification, but they had no official benchmark to prove their expertise. There came about a need for a way to monitor industry standards. In the late 90’s, the first PMP certification tests emerged focused in technological fields. The practice has expanded greatly to cover many industries and help individuals stand out thanks to their well developed project management skills.

Why Should I Get PMP Certification?

You may already have extensive experience managing projects. And, while employers will review work history to make a decision about hiring you, official PMP certification can move you up one step higher. Obtaining PMP certification means that you have already proven beyond a doubt that you are an expert project manager. It also shows that you take your profession very seriously and are willing to invest time and effort to obtain the certifications necessary to do the job well. It also saves the prospective employer time in researching the validity of your work history claims. As soon as they see PMP certification, they know you have met or exceeded industry standards for project management skills.

How Do I Obtain PMP Certification?

PMP certification requires a significant investment in your profession. Candidates must have at least three full years of experience in project management. Specific examples are requested when submitting the PMP certification application. A PMP review board will read through the application and approve the candidate’s work history. Once accepted, the candidate must take an exam which is offered by the Project Management Institute. This examination is available throughout the world, although a majority of them are offered in the United States. Candidates in France, Australian, China, and the United Kingdom will also be able to access the exam in their home countries.