April 4, 2020

Project Management Professional Certification

Project Management Professional certification carries quite a bit of weight on a resume. This single certification can speak volumes for your skills, work ethic, and dedication. If you haven’t already looked into Project Management Professional certification, you could be missing a vital piece to your resume. Even if you have the experience in project management, official certification will go far in showing employers that you are an expert.

What Makes Project Management So Important?

Project management is a very important task for any business. Regardless of what industry you may be in, projects must be completed. There are requirements that must be met which are unique to each project. Anyone can handle a very simple project, but managing large scale, complex projects takes skill. There are budget requirements which must be met, scheduling that has to be followed, and quality that must be controlled. Without a skilled professional project manager, many businesses would have serious problems meeting goals.

Bring Your Experience Together Under One Certification

Years of managing projects can leave you with many valuable skills that should be listed on your resume. These, along with work experience, help paint a picture about your abilities as a professional. While these are all very important components to have on your resume, a Project Management Professional certification will help pull these details out under one certification. Employers can review your certification and will feel confident that you have the skills you claim to have.

Of course, it is still important to list all work experience and relevant skills, but Project Management Professional certification will help catch the potential employer’s attention. In a competitive job market, having something that draws attention to your resume is very important. Many people submit resumes and applications to jobs and never hear anything back. This could be because the employer found nothing enticing about their resume and tossed it aside for something better. A Project Management Professional Certification will give potential employers a reason to call you up and schedule an interview!