February 17, 2020

Project Manager Certification Versus On the Job Experience

If you have the experience, the next step may be Project Manager certification. There is some debate as to whether it is necessary for a skilled professional to obtain their certificate. Someone with years of project management experience may feel that this is enough to get them the positions they desire and the salary they deserve. There are both pros and cons to getting Project Manager certification. However, in most cases, professionals find that the pros far outweigh the cons, especially when looking to the future.

The Cons of Project Manager Certification

The cons of Project Manager certification are all experienced initially, in the training and examination phase. Although it is not necessarily required, some professionals prefer to take a Project Manager certification course to brush up on their skills and help reassure successful completion of the exam. This is definitely a recommended course of action, however it requires more time and financial investment. Students can take classes online, but they must still attend the virtual classroom and complete work as required.

The classes and examination can cost hundreds of dollars for one professional. That is an immediate, out of pocket expense for the individual obtaining Project Manager certification. For some, spending money to make more money doesn’t sound productive. There may be professionals whose employer is willing to pay for their certification, but this is not a requirement and in many cases, the individual must pay on their own.

The Pros of Project Manager Certification

There are many pros associated with Project Manager certification. After taking the exam and passing, there really are no more cons. The professional will have officially recognized proof of their abilities and experience. Project Manager certification is a very admirable addition to your resume. With so much competition in today’s job market, having something like this is a huge benefit. It could be enough to convince an employer to place your resume on top of the priority list.

By obtaining Project Manager certification, you will be proving your skills and dedication to your profession. This award also reduces the amount of time needed for an employer to gather the information you want them to from your resume. By simplifying the review process, your Project Manager certification will make it so much easier for you to move up and get hired.