April 4, 2020

Qualifying for PMP certification online

The globally respected Project Management Institute (PMI) has chapters throughout the world and issues PMP certification online or offline based on passing the appropriate exam.  Being certified, experienced, and thoroughly trained as a Project Management Professional (PMP) puts you in some very elite company.  Although the exam is difficult to pass and mentally stimulating at the same time, PMP certification online separates those with a keen business acumen from those with ordinary skills.

The estimated success rate of individuals taking the Project Management Professional certification exam is only 60% so those individuals who do pass it of being gifted with a professional and project management acumen.  This is not an indication of the number of individuals who do not become Project Management Professionals as there are over 100,000 successful candidates worldwide that are PMI members.  As you can see, PMP certification online is the true test of those individuals who are of a PMP caliber.

The Need for Skilled Individuals

Based on the fact that there is the involvement of nearly every business field imaginable in both domestic and international projects, the need for certified, experienced, and skilled Project Management Professionals has never been greater.  The PMP certification online means that the individual can conceptualize, design, implement, and complete a project in the specified time frame.  It also infers that the individual can effectively manage the materials, men, methods, and money that is required to complete any project on time.

The PMI uses the PMBOK (Project Management Body of Knowledge) as the base of its resources and includes a large collection of articles, books, and study materials that have been coined by the Project Management Professional as being extremely helpful.  The handbook is available to all PMI members online through bookstores as well as their website.  It is filled with the concepts and principles that are useful to those individuals who want to take the exam for PMP certification online.

Where can I get a PMP Certification Online?

In order to apply and enroll in the PMP certification online certification course, you have to log in at the PMI website.  All of the information regarding applying, eligibility, guidelines, and membership can be found here.  Plus the amount of concepts, principles, and related subject matter found in the PMBOK is excellent study material for those preparing to take the PMP certification exam.

In addition to registering all of your personal details about completed projects, educational qualifications, and work experience, you must fill out the personal details and information required.  The next step involves paying the exam fee which is easy thanks to being able to pay using a credit card.  PMI members pay $405 while non-members pay $555.  Your resume must be attached to the application and the processing time that follows is 14 working days (does not include weekend days).

On a closing note, don’t be discouraged if you do not pass the PMP certification online exam the first time through.  The PMI will allow you to take the exam a total of three times within the application eligibility period.