April 4, 2020

Reasons for Non-Profit Agencies to Hire a Professional with PMP Certification

Reasons for Non-Profit Agencies to Hire a Professional with PMP Certification

Most employers prefer hiring individuals with Project Management Professional, i.e. PMP certification, in order to ensure the efficient completion of a scheduled job. While such an employer generally focuses on a business’ bottom line, that is not the sole reason for hiring such a certified individual. Most organizations that must apply for grant money also make a wise move, once any one of them has elected to hire a PMP certified professional.

Skills and management qualities

Certified individuals know a good deal about scheduling, cost control, scope and design control and quality control. Those are the types of skills that can facilitate the on-time completion of a project, including one that is funded through grant money. The occurrence of delays is not viewed kindly by the group that is sponsoring any given project.

In fact, a major delay could put an end to an organization’s ability to obtain a substantial amount of grant money. A major delay would be like a black mark or stain on the resume of the person who is supervising that delayed effort. Employment of that same individual could not be used as trustworthy evidence that a hiring organization expects to complete its next proposed effort on time.

Qualifications and quality

A PMP certification is a proof that you have the ability to monitor successfully the performance of a group of workers. At the same time, it should indicate a certain depth of experience. In other words, it should serve as undoubted proof that you can identify both obvious and hidden risks and can develop new technologies.

Those are the sorts of things that a funding agency wants to see in each submitted proposal. All such factors manage to serve as evidence that any donated cash will be used wisely and in an efficient manner. That helps to explain why a growing number of nonprofit agencies are hiring people with a Project Manager Professional certification.

Proposals given by certified PMP

That fact can be placed on the page that first comes before the eyes of those who will decide whether or not an organization’s proposal will be awarded the requested funds. In fact that page plays a key role in determining whether or not money will be granted to a particular group. A show of hands makes that determination.

That show of hands takes place in a room, a room where various proposals get examined. The examining team does not read the entirety of all the proposals. Instead it looks at the proposal’s first page. If that makes mention of plans to hire someone who has is PMP certified, then that there is a good chance that the hand of each person on the examining team will shoot into the air.