April 4, 2020

Studying For PMP Certification Online

Certification as a PMP, qualifies you as a project management professional. People with this qualification work in a wide variety of fields and the numbers of those receiving certification rises each year. The receive certification as a PMP you simply have to take an exam. This exam is offered to professionals with experience in the […]

Qualifying for PMP certification online

The globally respected Project Management Institute (PMI) has chapters throughout the world and issues PMP certification online or offline based on passing the appropriate exam.  Being certified, experienced, and thoroughly trained as a Project Management Professional (PMP) puts you in some very elite company.  Although the exam is difficult to pass and mentally stimulating at […]

Get Qualified With PMP Certification Online

Those looking to progress at their jobs and become a greater asset to their company’s may want to pursue PMP certification online. PMP certification is an acronym for project management professional and it’s a skill that’s becoming increasingly in demand. The good feature of this program is that many times it’s targeted at those already […]

Advantages Of Online PMP Certification

To climb up the corporate ladder, not only do you need work experience but having a PMP certification can add value to your qualifications. A PMP certification demonstrates your ability to manage projects and reflects on your caliber as a leader. Due to the inherent merits and requirements for PMP certification, there are many institutions […]

Reasons for Non-Profit Agencies to Hire a Professional with PMP Certification

Reasons for Non-Profit Agencies to Hire a Professional with PMP Certification Most employers prefer hiring individuals with Project Management Professional, i.e. PMP certification, in order to ensure the efficient completion of a scheduled job. While such an employer generally focuses on a business’ bottom line, that is not the sole reason for hiring such a […]

Obtaining PMP Certification Online: 5 Steps

Obtaining PMP certification online is possible, although the final exam may not be accessible online. There are a number of things that can be done through the internet to reduce the amount of time needed to prepare and register. Preparing for PMP certification online is a great way to improve your chances of successful completion […]