April 4, 2020

Financial benefits of PMP Certification Salary

The Project Management Professional (PMP) Certification is a certificate that the Project Management Institute (PMI) issues.  This is a professional credential that is well-recognized by project managers and management teams worldwide.  It indicates how well educated they are in project management and the skill level that they have achieved.  Although it is widely used in […]

What is the best PMP Certification salary?

The letters “PMP” stand for Project Management Professional and is a highly respected career designation that the PMI or Project Management Institute certifies.  A PMP ensures that certain standardized techniques or methodologies will be practiced by individuals with this certification and draws a high PMP certification salary.  A certified PMP is a critical component in […]

Advantages Of Online PMP Certification

To climb up the corporate ladder, not only do you need work experience but having a PMP certification can add value to your qualifications. A PMP certification demonstrates your ability to manage projects and reflects on your caliber as a leader. Due to the inherent merits and requirements for PMP certification, there are many institutions […]

Reasons for Non-Profit Agencies to Hire a Professional with PMP Certification

Reasons for Non-Profit Agencies to Hire a Professional with PMP Certification Most employers prefer hiring individuals with Project Management Professional, i.e. PMP certification, in order to ensure the efficient completion of a scheduled job. While such an employer generally focuses on a business’ bottom line, that is not the sole reason for hiring such a […]

PMP Certification Salary: What to Expect

Those earning a PMP certification salary tend to make far more money than professionals without official certification. By investing time and money now, you can improve your future earning potential dramatically. Do not write off the benefits of earning your certificate. Consider all the things you can do with a PMP certification salary. Why is […]