April 4, 2020

What Are The Related PMP Certification Costs?

The Project Management Professional or PMP certification is offered by the PMI (Project Management Institute) and is geared to those applicants who are able to demonstrate their excellence where project management is concerned.  The test taken in order to receive their PMP Certification in the Project Management Professional or PMP exam.  The exam must be passed in order to prove that you are proficient project management principles and standards as well as being able to practice them.

The PMBOK or Project Management Body of Knowledge is the core resource for your PMP Certification.  It is considered a road map of the PMP process as well as being published  best practice materials including abstracts, articles, and books.  However, there are certain PMP Certification costs and fees associated with earning your Project Management Professional certificate which you need to consider before you submit your application.  Consider the following before continuing.

PMI Membership

Although paying for a membership at the Project Management Institute is not a requirement for getting your PMP Certification, it is suggested that you join.  You will be entitled to a number of benefits when you do including, receiving a discount on the exam and other associated PMP Certification costs.  Your PMI membership costs include the following:

  • $129 – individual membership
  • $30 – student (plus $10 application fee)
  • $60 – retirees

PMP Exam Costs

All applicants must pass the PMP Certification exam offered by the PMI, the costs of which include the following:

  • Non-member CBT (Computer-Based Testing) – $555
  • PMI member CBT (Computer-Based Testing) – $405
  • Non-member PBT (Paper-Based Testing) – $400
  • PMI member PBT (Paper-Based Testing) – $250

Hours Required

Before you apply for the exam and pay all your PMP Certification costs, you have to have completed at least 35 hours of related content or coursework.  In most cases, the Project Management Institute will accept a wide range of completed coursework in order to qualify and meet these requirements.  Depending on the college or university that offers these courses, these programs can cost up to several thousand dollars.  Additionally, these hours can be obtained from courses that your employer provides.

PDU’s and Refunds

Once you have earned your PMP Certification, it is imperative that you maintain your certification every three years by earning 60 PDU’s or Professional Development Units.  This is required by the Project Management Institute or all PMP certified individuals.  The individual cost of these PDU’s can range from free of charge to several thousand dollars.

Occasionally, it becomes necessary for individuals to drop out of the exam program and get a refund on the PMP Certification costs.  If you submit a written refund request at least 30 days prior to the PMP Certification eligibility expiration date, you are able to receive one.  Individuals can receive a refund as follows:

  • Full refund minus the standard $100 fee for processing
  • Full refund minus the standard $100 fee for processing should you fail to meet the PMI audit pre-qualifications

Be sure that you study the PMBOK (see above) as thoroughly as possible before applying for your exam and paying the PMP Certification costs.