April 4, 2020

Why Do You Need Project Management Training?

Project management training can make you a more desirable job candidate. If you have project management experience and want to find a way to beef up your resume, then PMP certification is one of the best additions you can make. PMP, or project management professional certification, is a highly regarded honor that requires a great deal of skill and experience. It is the best way to prove that you are an expert in the area of project management.

Prove the Skills You Already Possess

By beginning project management training to obtain your PMP certification, you will be starting a journey to prove what you may already know.  Individuals with certification show employers that they know how to budget, schedule, and monitor all stages of a project. They also have quality control skills and know how to measure performance. A prospective employer will know that you have these qualities just by seeing PMP certification on your resume.

Verify Your Work Experience

On the job experience is the most valuable asset to have included on your resume. Some professionals argue that even with college or other advanced schooling candidates still need on the job experience to prove they know what they’re doing. PMP certification is the best way to prove your project management capabilities. Candidates must have a diploma or associates degree with 7,500 hours of project management experience, or a bachelor’s degree with 4,500 hours. To even be considered to take the PMP certification exam, candidates must already have actual experience.

Simplify the Candidate Review Process

There may be many other candidates vying for the same position as you. If you already have project management training and certification, you can place yourself a step ahead of the crowd. Employers can see at a glance that you have worked through project management training and earned your certification before working through reference and work history verification. By simplifying the candidate review process, you will prove you are organized and on top of the game. Project management training can make it easier for potential employers to choose your resume right away.